• Home boarding helps to reduce the separation anxiety felt by dogs when left alone. Dogs are highly social animals and mostly love human interaction. Home boarding makes sure they feel at ease in comfortable surroundings instead of being kept in a confined kennel.
  • We keep your dog in their normal routine while you are away. Our nurses take time to bond with your dog and ensure that walks, dinner time and playtime are kept in check.
  • We want to get to know you and your dog. In our free, initial meet and greet we take the time to assess you and your pets needs. A free health and wellbeing MOT is carried out and your pet will receive a free goody bag!
  • We board only one family at a time so there is no risk of dog fighting or spread of infection.
  • Don’t worry. We are also Veterinary Nurses who are medically trained. Be assured that your pet is left in safe hands!
Dog Health Consultations

Our first visit includes a Goody Bag. Each hand picked bag includes a selection of treats, toys, food samples and information to keep you and your pet happy!

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