I've just had my 3 cats microchipped and I've got to say the service was amazing, so friendly and excellent value.
Helen Rose Howarth
I have Pet Nurse Services trim my dogs nails, microchip my cats, health checks anal glands vaccinations and lots more. They're great with the pets. My neighbors are now using them! A great service, thanks.
Eva Stronach
Pet Nurse Services come to cut my dogs nails. It is so much easier having them done at home as my boy is so dramatic! They are so patient with him, I definitely recommend this service to friends.
Tracey Scott
I would just like to say a huge thank you to Pet Nurse Servces for doing a fantastic grooming job on my two Yorkies. They were so patient and calm with my nervous dog, Ellie. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will certainly be using their services in the future.
Sharon Dodd
I can't rate them highly enough. I had my two pugs and cats annual inoculations done today at home, as my older pug is terribly stressed when at the vets. They were fantastic! Gave full health checks and my pugs loved them! What a great service and excellent value for money and yes, I will be using them again.
Rebecca Gillooly